Sunday, October 26, 2008

Powder Horn Second Weekend!

We completed the second weekend of Powder Horn yesterday! It was a blast! Thursday we started with some bouldering and repelling! I love repelling, although we did a very short cliff. I wanted to keep going! Then we had class and practice on wilderness survival and wilderness first aid. That night we had our crew campfire which was so FUN!!! Friday we spent all morning at the lake doing canoing, kayaking and sailing. I enjoyed kayaking a lot! After lunch we had our conservation project and then we got ready for our expedition. Jace's crew canoed to their campsite. My crew backpacked. We had a great time with our crews and keeping away from scorpions, rattle snakes and whatever else was making noises on the bushes.... (I don't want to know what that was...) Our last day we had crew competitions on canoes and also on dragon boats!! That was a blast. The dragon boats were A LOT of work... At the end of the course we had our graduation ceremony which was very cool. Powder Horn was a blast!! I hope we can be staff some day!!

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Paula-Adam said...

that's awesome!!! what a fun experience you guys had...

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